About the Subscription

    How much does a subscription cost?

    Subscriptions start at €29 (EUR) for a new subscription and €25 (EUR) for a renewal if you have had a subscription before, and renew 30 days before the subscription expires, or 30 days after. VAT may apply to EU customers.

    How long does a subscription last?

    A subscription typically lasts for 1 year (365 days)

    What does a subscription entitle me to?

    A subscription entitles you to access to the Support Forum (to post support requests), the Add-ons downloads and exclusive coupon offers from some of our friends.

    What happens when the subscription ends?

    When the subscription ends you will lose access to the Support Forum (you will no longer be able to post support requests), the Add-ons downloads and coupon offers.

    What is an Add-on?

    Add-ons are plugins for the Editor that add new features, like the Image Manager Extended, Media Manager and File Manager.

    Do the add-ons or the editor stop working when the subscription ends?

    No, you can continue to use the add-ons you have for as long as you like, you just can't get any upgrades or new add-ons.

    How many websites or domains can I install the Add-ons on?

    You can install the Editor and the Add-ons on as many websites or domains as you like.

    Does the subscription automatically renew?

    No, you will need to buy a new subscription when the existing one expires. You will receive an e-mail reminder before the subscription expires.

    I've bought a subscription, but I would like to give it to a friend/client. Can a subscription be transferred?

    Subscriptions are linked to the account the user was logged in with when purchasing the subscription and are not transferable.

    About the Checkout

    Why do I need to provide my address?

    We need your address to create an invoice for your purchase. The invoice will be e-mailed to you as a PDF once the purchase has been completed and will be available to view and print in your Subscriptions Page.

    Why do I need to specify whether I am purchasing as an Individual or a Business?

    If you are purchasing as a business, you can provide your company name for the invoice. If you are a VAT registered EU Business you will need to provide your business name and VAT Number.

    The form won't accept my VAT number

    Only valid EU VAT numbers will be accepted by the form. The VAT number must be entered as letters and numbers only. All VAT numbers are checked against the EU VIES Vat Validation system

    If you are 100% sure that your VAT number is correct but the form still won't accept it, remove it, continue with the purchase and then contact us.

    Which Payment options do you provide?

    We accept payment via Paypal and Stripe.