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Image Manager Extended

Image Manager Extended requires a subscription to download.

With the Image Manager Extended you can:

Insert images

Just like with the Image Manager but not limited to a single image! The Image Manager Extended can insert one image or a selection images. You can even change the order the images will be inserted in with a simple drag & drop action.

Multiple insert

Upload Images

The standard upload dialog is extended with Resize and Thumbnail options. Using the power of your browser, images can be reszied on uploading1. Thumbnail images (smaller versions of the original image) can also be created2 - either in proportion to the orginal image or cropped to fit the given dimensions.


Manage Images

All the basic features are there - create new folders, delete, rename cut, copy and paste images and folders.

Thumbnail View

Switch to a 'thumbnail view' of the image list making it easy to spot the picture you're looking for. The thumbnails can also be ennlarged in the expanded File Browser view.

Thumbnail view

Thumbnail Editor

Need to create a thumbnail of an image after uploading? Using the Thumbnail Editor you can create a thumbnail of any dimensions using any part of the original image.

Thumbnail editor

Image Editor3

The Image Manager Extended includes a powerful image editor with interactive Resize, Crop and Rotate features, plus a few great image effects thrown in.

Editor Crop Editor Effects

1. Reszing images on uploading requires that the browser support HTML5 Upload, Flash or Silverlight or that the hosting server has PHP GD2 support and sufficient available PHP memory (64+ MB recommended)

2. Thumbnailing images on upload requires PHP GD2 support on the hosting server and sufficient available PHP memory (64+ MB recommended)

3. The Image Editor requires Internet Explorer9, Firefox8, Chrome 15, Opera 11.5 or any later version of one of these browsers.

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