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JCE MediaBox is an optional plugin for Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 2.5 which creates customizable content popups in a manner similar to the popular Lightbox and Slimbox scripts, as well as providing tooltips.

JCE MediaBox popups and tooltips are themeable and include 4 themes; Standard, Light, Shadow and Squeeze.

JCE MediaBox does not add a button to the editor toolbar. JCE plugins are used to create JCE MediaBox popups, but JCE MediaBox can be used without the JCE Editor.

Unlike Lightbox and Slimbox, JCE MediaBox can create popups to almost any type of media item, from images, to flashquicktime,windows media files, as well as support for YoutubeGoolge VideoMetaCafeDaily Motion, and Vimeo media links (additional types supported with add-ons), and internal and external website pages.

A full range of tutorials on creating popups for each media type is available here


Popup image on a text link


Single image popup

dandelion-53800 1280

Simple gallery using a table and 2 grouped images 

winter-84723 1280 dandelion-71003 1280

Youtube popup

Flash file

Internal or External Pages

WebM video (supported browsers only)

MP4 video using HTML5 video tag or flash based MediaPlayer

FLV file using flash based MediaPlayer

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