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Media Manager

Media Manager requires a subscription to download.

Upload and insert a range of common media files including Adobe® Flash®, Apple Quicktime®, Windows Media Player® and HTML 5 Video and Audio, as well as support for Youtube and Vimeo - just paste in the URL and insert!

Insert Media

Upload and insert media files like Adobe® Flash®. Adjust properties like Alignment and Margin - just like inserting an image!

mediamanager dialog

Media Options

Adjust individual options for each media type...

mediamanager options


Including HTML5 Video and Audio with multiple sources and a Flash based Media Player fallback!

mediamanager html5

Youtube and Vimeo support

Its never been easier to insert Youtube and Vimeo videos into your articles. Just copy and paste in the Youtube or Vimeo URL and click Insert! Videos are inserted using the new IFrame method both Youtube and Vimeo recommend - of course you can adjust additional video options.

mediamanager youtube

Create Video Popups

Create 'lightbox' Popups to videos with a just a few clicks1

mediamanager popups

1. Popups require an additional plugin support such as JCE MediaBox and a compatible JCE Popup Extension.