JCE Pro 2.9.2 RC11

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Version 2.9.2 RC 11
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RC 11

  • Some issues with the File Browser etc. when using the Amazon S3 Filesystem plugin

RC 10

  • Unnecessary @import of base ui.css in theme variants was causing a "circular reference" error.

RC 9

  • The shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + " can now be used to add quotes around a selection, eg: “quote”, and when the site language is set to German, CTRL + SHIFT + 2 will create „quote“

RC 8

  • PRO The Create Thumbnail tools are now available in the File Browser, Image Manager Extended and File Manager.

RC 7

  • Anchor links in Link search results would not display the correct URL when click.

RC 6

  • Pressing Enter multiple times in a DIV would produce an error or remove content below the DIV.

RC 5

  • PRO Fixed incorrect parameter key in Columns when setting a Framework.

RC 4

  • PRO Changes made to Columns parameters were not being applied.
  • It was not possible to deselect all buttons for a plugin where the plugin has multiple button options.
  • Added more fixes and improvements to new media processing.

RC 3

  • The editor content direction will now be set by the direction of the site front-end language.
  • The Joomla editor-xtd buttons list was not showing in the editor toolbar in SP Page Builder.
  • Footnote links contain extraneous text when content is pasted into the editor from Word using Safari.

RC 2

  • Added Search Tools to the Profiles list in the JCE Admin.
  • Linebreaks in Code Blocks were not being converted to newline characters.
  • The Search Phrase option (Any Words, All Words, Exact Match) was not being used in a Search in the Link dialog.
  • The Autolink URL and Autolink Email options were displayed in the wrong place in the Link parameters.

Beta 14

  • Improvements to updated Media support
  • PRO The edited image is now selected in the File Browser after saving in the Image Editor.
  • PRO Clicking on a media file in the Media Manager will now correctly extract and apply dimensions where possible.
  • PRO Adding or updating columns that contain a div would produce an error.

Beta 12

  • Media Previews are now available for <video> and <audio>
  • Replaced png media placeholder icons with svg icons and text.
  • PRO The Image Editor and Thumbnail Editor now support webp images.
  • PRO Fix errors when retrieving Microdata content from schema.org due to allow_url_fopen restrictions.
  • PRO Video parameters - autoplay, loop, controls etc. - are now passed to MediaBox when creating a popup in the Media Manager.
  • PRO Embedding Youtube and Vimeo videos using a pasted in URL or the Quick Media input will now use relevant options set in the Media Manager parameters.
  • Added an option in the extension configuration to disable inline admin parameter help boxes.
  • RTL direction in the editor content is now enabled if the Joomla language pack supports RTL. Installation of an RTL JCE Language Pack wil enabled RTL in the JCE UI.
  • Applying text alignment to a block element (H1, H2, Paragraph etc.) inside a table or another block element that has the same alignment would fail or could not be removed.
  • External css files were not being added as custom css files in the Editor Global Configuration.
  • Update some methods to fix errors in PHP 8.
  • The wrong compiled css file was being selected for use in Gantry templates when multiple compiled css files are available.

Beta 11

  • Startup Content will now be loaded into the textarea before the editor is initialized.

Beta 10

  • Remove and replace php tags in PHP Code Blocks so only one set of opening and closing tags is included.
  • Tweaked the layout of some Admin parameter elements.

Beta 9

  • Startup content for an empty editor - either loaded from a file or HTML snippet - can now be set in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Advanced
  • Pasting code into a paragraph would fail with an error.

Beta 8

  • A PHP error would be shown in some dialogs.
  • Repeatable fields in the JCE Admin were displaying incorrectly.

Beta 7

  • Remove double slashes in Code Editor asset urls which was causing mixed content script warnings on some sites.

Beta 6

  • Extended Elements with a dash in the tag name were being removed.
  • New lines added in a Script and Style Code Blocks would be removed on saving.

Beta 5

  • Shortcode blocks containing PHP were being processed incorrectly.
  • New lines added in a PHP Code Block would be removed on saving.

Beta 4

  • A target can now be set in the parameters when creating a new JCE File Browser Field.
  • An editor can now be created with the API using a specific profile id.


  • Removed input field highlight when an invalid value is entered in the New Folder, Rename etc. dialog

Beta 3

  • A Link Search would show a server error message if the search results inluded an empty result (no link or text)

Beta 2

  • CTRL + SHIFT + V would not paste plain text in Firefox and Chrome on Windows.
  • Removed submit block and validation message in New Folder, Rename etc. dialogs

Beta 1

  • Code Blocks can now be disabled to use script placeholders instead, as in previous versions.
  • Inline PHP code would be removed
  • Empty paragraphs were being added after code blocks