JCE MediaBox 2.1.2

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Version 2.1.2
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Licence GNU General Public License, Version 2 or later
  • Add the popup src value to a data-mediabox-src attribute on the mediabox body container for css selection.
  • Extract the tooltip position if any from legacy tooltips.
  • Added default tooltip styles from Bootstrap 2.3
  • Popup links are now removed in the Joomla "print" layout, so they are not displayed in the printed document.
  • Removed data-mediabox-src attribute previously added as a selector option to the popup body.
  • Add class name passed in by optional data-mediabox-css attribute to the popup body.
  • Restrict the selection of potential popups to the <a> and <area> tags
  • Ajax popups reload continuously if triggered as an auto-popup
  • Hide the temp iframe used to load ajax content while the popup is loading
  • Center-aligned images within the popup link would display incorrectly in some instances
  • Fix error with processing uri data from an iframe url, which was causing the temporary iframe to display in local content popups.
  • Trim popup max-width when the popup height is larger than the screen, in an attempt to fit popups with long captions.
  • Force autoplay in IE11 if the attribute is set.
  • Use <source> tag for video url value.
  • Open pdf links in a new tab instead of a popup in iOS and Android.
  • Icons were not displaying in IE 11
  • Title and Caption values that contained HTML and a link would be rendered incorrectly.
  • A popup launched dynamically from a javascript function would not open if no parameters were specified.
  • Allow local urls to contain a tmpl variable that is not "component"