Amazon S3 Filesystem

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The Filesystem Add-on for Amazon S3 provides an alternate filesystem library for accessing and manipulating files and folders on an Amazon S3 account.

An Amazon S3 account is required to use this add-on.

Amazon S3 is a trademark of, Inc. or its affiliates.


Install using the Joomla Extension Manager.



  • Update cacert path to be Joomla 4 compatible.


  • Use ACL parameter value for upload and create folder when a dialog value is not specified.


  • Set default list size as 50 if not set or set to "All"
  • Add file search limited to 1 level
  • Improve loading times when the source folder contains > 1000 items
  • Copying files from one folder to another would reset the ACL level to "private"
  • Renaming files or folders would fail.