The Image Manager Extended and Captions plugins have been updated to 1.5.6 and 1.5.5 respectively.

Image Manager Extend

The PHPThumb Library has been replaced by WideImage. PHPThumb development seems to have stalled and some deprecated functions in the code are causing warnings in PHP5. Some conflicts within the code, specifically with the Image Magick functions may be causing issues for some users.

PHP5 is required for this version of the Image Manager Extended. If your servers is not running PHP5 I suggest you have a chat with your hosting company or find a new one.

Image processing functions like resize, rotate and thumbnailing require a lot of memory depending on the pixel size of the image. The absolute minimum is 32MB, which may allow processing of images up to 800 x 600 pixels, but 64MB is recommended and the ideal amount is 128MB and above, especially if you regularly upload large images. Again, speak to you host about increasing the PHP memory_limit value.


This release changes how captions are created; the caption container and caption text box are now built using span elements instead of div elements, the main reason for this being that div elements cannot be placed inside of paragraphs (the editor will move them out if they are) and this will cause validation issues for your site. 

Existing captions can be converted by re-editing them -

  1. open the article, 
  2. click on the image that contains the caption, 
  3. open the caption dialog and click update

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