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  • JCE 2.0.0 beta5 released

Update : Although beta3 and beta4 were both released earlier today, both these releases included some nasty bugs that necessitated a quick update to beta5.

This updated includes a lot of bug fixes and other improvements. Thank you to everyone who took the time to test the previous beta releases and report their problems.

Some things to note about this release:

  • Due to copyright / licencing issues some file type icons have been replaced with generic icons.
  • The Paste from Word option has been removed from the toolbar. Word content cleanup will still be performed when Word content is detected in pasted data and an option is available in the Paste parameters to force this cleanup (detection is not always 100% accurate)
  • iframe support has been moved to the Media plugin and can be activated / deactivated in the Media Support parameters.

In addition, 3 plugins have also been released : File Manager, Media Manager and Template Manager. The IFrames and Captions plugins will be released within the next few days with the Image Manager extended to follow.

These plugins can only be used with JCE 2.0 beta5 or later. Please do not install them into JCE 1.5, JCE 2.0 beta1 or JCE 2.0 beta2

Although the plugins are very similar to their 1.5 counterparts, all take advantage of the new features in JCE 2.0, particularly the Media Manager which, thanks to the new Extensions system, includes a new MediaPlayer (for playing flv and mp3 files), improved support for the AUDIO and VIDEO elements (with FLV fallback for both), and much improved Youtube and Vimeo support (other aggregator extensions will be available soon).

The Template Manager now includes the ability to load the contents of a file when a new article is created and the File Manager has improved support for additional link icons.

Please continue to report issues you may find in the forum

JCE 2.0 is available for both Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 1.6

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