Initially intended as a quick maintenance release to fix a few small issues with the new UTF-8 file name support and to address some upload issues, this release quickly snowballed into something more substantial, and now includes 15 fixes, 2 changes, 2 new options and a security update.

    Security Updates

    File / folder name cleanup has been improved following the move to full UTF-8 support with better detection of UTF-8 names and invalid character removal, and detection of invalid extensions has also been fixed. For this reason updating to JCE 2.0.18 is recommended for all users.

    New Options

    Still on the subject of websafe file and folder names, an option has been added to the Editor Parameters (in the FileSystem section) to set the websafe "mode" - name cleanup / detection can now be set to the default UTF-8 or ASCII, the latter will convert UTF-8 Latin characters into their ASCII equivalents, eg: ö will be converted to o.

    The JCE MediaBox Popups options now include a new Parameter widget to easily add custom parameters to the Mediabox, eg: wmode for flash files (see below)

    popup parameters


    The Source Code view has bee upgrade to use CodeMirror2 which generally improves the stability (and in future) features of the editor. This upgrade comes with a quicker loading time and some new themes.

    Bugs Fixed

    Thanks to everyone who reported issues and helped find solutions to the problems in one way or another. Notable bug fixes include issues in Pasting, fixes for Content and Menu links created by the Link Browser, a fix for upload issues in Firefox and a fix for 403 errors in the Source Code view.

    For a full list of changes and bugs fixed see the Changelog