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  • JCE 2.2.1 Released

JCE 2.2.1 has been released, adding some improvements to the Link Search feature introduced in JCE 2.2.0, updates to TinyMCE and Codemiror as well as a few bug fixes.

UPDATE : Doh! JCE fixes a small bug in the Link Dialog Anchor List.

Link Search Parameters

Like most other JCE Add-ons, Link Search now has its own set of parameters, allowing you to set whether this feature is available, or which Joomla! Search Plugins should be used for the search. In addition to allowing you to customize the Link Search output, this can also help prevent errors with search plugins that may not be compatible with the Link Search environment.

You can set the Link Search parameters in the Link tab in Editors Profiles -> Plugin Parameters. 

link search_options

Link Search Parameters

Check out the Changelog for the full of bug fixes and updates.

Installation and Updating

Updating to JCE 2.2.1 from existing JCE 2.x versions can be done using the JCE Updater, or the Joomla! Update Manager in Joomla! 2.5. Alternatively, follow the Installation Instructions for a new install or update.