JCE 2.2.2 has been released. This update includes fixes for a number of issues, and includes a great new feature - Drag & Drop Uploading in the editor window!

    Drag & Drop Upload

    Uploading and inserting images directly into the editor window using drag & drop is now possible in supported browsers - Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE10.

    Example of single and multiple image drag & drop uploading In Firefox

    Images are uploaded to the File Directory Path set in the Image Manager parameters. Default image styling - border, margin and alignment - as set in the Image Manager parameters, is also applied to the image when it is inserted.

    Only images are supported in this version, and only the via the standard Image Manager. The next update of the Image Manager Extended (coming soon!) will add support for drag & drop uploading and will include image resizing, thumbnailing and watermarking in the process.

    Responsive Images

    A small change to the Image Manager makes inserting images for responsive websites a little bit easier. By setting the new "Always Include Dimensions" option in the Image Manager parameters to "No", width and height attributes will only be included when inserting images if the image dimensions have been changed. This state is indicated in the Image Manager dialog with a text color change :

    image dimensions unchanged

    Image dimensions unchanged - will not be included

     image dimensions changed

    Image dimensions changed - will be included

    Other Changes

    Check out the Changelog for a full list of bug fixes and updates.

    Installation and Updating

    Updating to JCE 2.2.2 from existing JCE 2.x versions can be done using the JCE Updater, or the Joomla! Update Manager in Joomla! 2.5. Alternatively, follow the Installation Instructions for a new install or update.