The first release of 2013 is a tentative one. JCE 2.3.2 is being release as a beta version to iron out any issues with the bug fixes and changes introduced in this version.

    This update includes quite a few bug fixes and a few useful additions.

    New Stuff

    The Clipboard plugin now includes routines to handle Footnotes when pasting from Office documents. Footnotes can be converted to anchors, unlinked (the link is removed but the text remains), or removed completely. 

    An option has been added to the Global Configuration to set   behaviour when the encoding mode is set to UTF-8 -   characters can remain in the utf-8 version or converted to the " ".

    The Source Code Editor has been upgraded to CodeMirror 3. The CodeMirror project has seen significant changes and improvements over the last few months, in part due to its inclusion in the Adobe Brackets project.

    The layout of the Help dialog has been improved with collapsible and resizable panes. 

    Bug Fixes

    One of the main reasons for the beta release, a number of changes have been made to the code structure to remove Strict Standards errors, which many users have been reporting since the PHP 5.4 inclusion of E_STRICT in the E_ALL PHP error_reporting parameter. 

    Changes have been made to the filesystem functions to improve support for IIS filesystems, including support for UNC paths.

    The Updates dialog now opens correctly from the "Updates Available" link in the Control Panel.

    A full changelog will be published when JCE 2.3.2 "stable" is released.

    Installation and Updating

    Installation of a beta version on a production site is not recommended.

    Instructions for installing JCE 2.3.1 are available here

    JCE can also be updated from previous versions using the JCE Updater in Joomla! 1.5 and 2.5 or using the Joomla! Update Manager in Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0