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14 May 2012

JCE 2.1 released

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JCE 2.1 has been released. This update includes numerous fixes, improvements to the Profiles Layout editor, improved HTML5 support and fixes for 3 security issues - upgrading to this version is recommended.

Security Updates

Thanks to Secunia for alerting us to 3 security issues which have been addressed in this release :

  • Improved filtering of input entered into the Search field in the Profiles list
  • Improved file name and path checks when performing filesystem operations (delete, rename)
  • Removed chunking support on uploading and improved checks on uploaded file types.

Profiles Layout Editor

The Editor Profiles Feature page has seen a few improvements, and now includes all relevant layout parameters (width, height, toolbar position etc.) Changes to these parameters will also reflect in the Editor Layout allowing you to see what the Office Blue theme with a Center aligned toolbar for example, will look like before saving.

layout office

HTML5 Improvements

One of the advantages to the TinyMCE 3.5 update is improved support for HTML5. A new Visualblocks button improves on the block element display previously available in the Visual Characters button, adding the new HTML5 block elements - section, article, hgroup, aside, figure as well as dl, dt and dd. All these elements are also included in the Format list (users upgrading from previous version will have to enable these in Editor Parameters)

The Format and Styles lists now also show font and text styles (where available) of the elements in the lists. For example, a Heading1 item in the list will show the correct size, font and colour as styled in the template stylesheet. 

Anchor support in Joomla! Content Links

Following numerous requests, anchors are now included in Joomla! Content links. Articles are checked for anchor links and thses are included below the main article link (see below)

link anchor

JCE File Browser Quick Icon

The JCE File Browser is now available from the Joomla! Control Panel as a Quick Icon Module item in Joomla! 1.5 and a Quick Icon Plugin in Joomla! 2.5

The File Browser will display in a Joomla! modal popup using the Editor Profile (File Directory Path, Permitted File Extensions etc.) assigned to the current user.

Updating to JCE 2.1 

Updating to JCE 2.1 from a previous JCE 2.0 version can be done using the JCE Updates dialog (available from the JCE Control Panel) or using the Update Manager in Joomla! 2.5. Alternatively update by installing the new version over the old using the Joomla! Installer.

Click here for a complete changelog


15 February 2012

JCE 2.0.21 released

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Maintenance update

This release focuses on fixing a few bugs, includes an update to TinyMCE and adds 2 new parameters and support for MS SQL.

MS SQL Support

Joomla! 2.5 added support for MS SQL and this release includes the necessary sql files and a few core changes - specifically to the Link Browser - to support it too. MS SQL support has been tested on Microsoft Webmatrix.

New Parameters

Prohibited Attribute Values

JCE 2.0.16 introduced the Prohibited Elements and Prohibited Attributes parameters to allow for greater control over the editor content. Prohibited Attribute Values is now added to this list of "Security Parameters" and allows for certain attribute values to be removed based on a CSS 2.1 / 3 syntax.

The parameter supports the "is equal to", "starts with" and "ends with" selectors and can target a specific element of all elements in the content.

For example, to prevent base64 encoded urls being used for images, entering img[src^='data:image'] (where an img tag src attribute starts with "data:image") will remove the src value of any matched attributes. Likewise, img[src$='.jpg'] will remove the src value of img tags that have a url ending in .jpg (jpg images).

All tags can be targeted using the * wildcard, eg: *[title="test"] will remove all title attribute values from elements where the title attribute is equal to "test".

Styles List

A Styles List parameter is included in the Editor Parameters tab to set a list of style options for the Styles List in the editor toolbar. The options should be added in the format Name=style (where style is an existing css class used by your template) and separated by a comma. For example, if your template included the css rules :

.redtext {
    color : red;

.blutext {
    color : blue;

you could add Red Text=redtext,Blue Text=bluetext

In addition to these new parameters, some Editor Parameters now include placeholder text to help better explain possible values.

For a full list of changes and bugs fixed see the Changelog


20 January 2012

JCE 2.0.20 released

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Maintenance update

This is a maintenance update to fix a few bugs and improve Joomla! 2.5 compatability.

Due to a change in the way the editor is now loaded, this release should resolve issues with Virtuemart 1.1.9 and any extension that loaded the editor in a tab - redShop, JEvents, etc.

For a full list of changes and bugs fixed see the Changelog


05 January 2012

Popup add-ons for RocketTheme RokBox and Yootheme WidgetKit released

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New add-ons for creating popups available

Subscribers can now take advantage of two new add-ons for JCE that will make creating popups for RocketTheme's RokBox and Yootheme's WidgetKit extensions a lot easier.

Once the add-on is installed, a new option will appear in the Popup Type list in the Popups tab of the Link, Image Manager Extended and Media Manager dialogs. Selecting this option will enable the popup and allow the popup's parameters to be set - users of JCE MediaBox may already be familiar with this process.

widgetkit lightbox

Each add-on has a full set of parameters that can be set - a task that would have previously required diving into the html source code or fiddling around with the original extensions syntax.

In addition, the WidgetKit Lightbox add-on can have default values set for most parameters. 

Remember, you will need to have RocketTheme RokBox or Yoothemes WidgetKit installed to use these add-ons!

Both add-ons are available in the Plugins section of the Downloads area.


22 December 2011

Subscriptions Sale!

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In the spirit of this festive season we are offering a 25% discount on all new and renewal subscriptions.

Type in the code HOHOHO in the Coupon field at the checkout to claim the discount - see the image below.

2co coupon

20 December 2011

Subscriber Only Support Forums

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Posting in support forums now for subscribers only

The JCE Support Forums have recently come under increasingly frequent attacks by spammers who have flooded the public forums with the usual nonsensical junk that is supposed to (in some bizarre alternate universe) convince people to click on the posted links and buy the advertised products.

Despite repeated attempts to prevent this, including implementing a Captcha challenge on new posts, blocking a range of IP Addresses used by some of the spammers and implementing Project Honeypotthe spammers seem to have found a way around these defences to continue their pointless and annoying pursuit.

In an effort to end these attacks and to provide a better support service to Subscribers, the support forums are now limited to read-only access for non-subscribers - a valid subscription will be required to post new and reply to existing topics.

06 December 2011

JCE MediaBox 1.1.2 released

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Maintenance release

This release adds support for flv files, either detected from the link URL eg: <a href="/movie.flv" class="jcepopup" or from the addition of a type attribute (in the case of off-site URLs) eg: type="video/x-flv"

I addition, percentages are now supported for popup dimensions, eg: rel="width[50%];height[300]".

A full changelog is available here


06 December 2011

Image Manager Extended 2.0.8 released

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Image MAnager Extended updated

The Image Manager Extended has been updated to version 2.0.8

This update adds a new method for creating thumbnails on upload, utilizing the canvas feature of modern browsers, as used by the Image Editor and Thumbnail Editor. This may add a slight increase in upload time per file but should improve the stability of thumbnail creation, especially on servers with low PHP memory settings. A modern browser, ie: Firefox 8, Chrome 15, IE9, Safari 5, Opera 11.5 is required. Older browsers without canvas support will continue to use server-side methods to creating the thumbnails.

A full changelog is available


28 November 2011

JCE 2.0.19 released

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Maintenance update

This release fixes an unfortunate bug introduced in JCE 2.0.18 which would produce errors in Image Manager, File Manager etc. caused by incorrect paths created for images, files etc.

In addition, following some early reports of strange cursor issues in CodeMirror2, the Source Code view has reverted to using CodeMirror1 until these issues can be resolved.

For a full list of changes and bugs fixed see the Changelog


25 November 2011

JCE 2.0.18 released

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Maintenance and Security update

Initially intended as a quick maintenance release to fix a few small issues with the new UTF-8 file name support and to address some upload issues, this release quickly snowballed into something more substantial, and now includes 15 fixes, 2 changes, 2 new options and a security update.

Security Updates

File / folder name cleanup has been improved following the move to full UTF-8 support with better detection of UTF-8 names and invalid character removal, and detection of invalid extensions has also been fixed. For this reason updating to JCE 2.0.18 is recommended for all users.

New Options

Still on the subject of websafe file and folder names, an option has been added to the Editor Parameters (in the FileSystem section) to set the websafe "mode" - name cleanup / detection can now be set to the default UTF-8 or ASCII, the latter will convert UTF-8 Latin characters into their ASCII equivalents, eg: ö will be converted to o.

The JCE MediaBox Popups options now include a new Parameter widget to easily add custom parameters to the Mediabox, eg: wmode for flash files (see below)

popup parameters


The Source Code view has bee upgrade to use CodeMirror2 which generally improves the stability (and in future) features of the editor. This upgrade comes with a quicker loading time and some new themes.

Bugs Fixed

Thanks to everyone who reported issues and helped find solutions to the problems in one way or another. Notable bug fixes include issues in Pasting, fixes for Content and Menu links created by the Link Browser, a fix for upload issues in Firefox and a fix for 403 errors in the Source Code view.

For a full list of changes and bugs fixed see the Changelog


07 November 2011

JCE 2.0.17 released

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JCE 2.0 updated

Ok, so barely a week has gone by since the 2.0.16 release, and here we are again. Admittedly, this has got something to do with a git revert mistake which resulted in an important fix that was supposed to be included in the previous release being left out. As I couldn't replicate the bug myself it slipped through the net...

The good news is that the bug - which would cause the Source Code view to "crash" - is now fixed. In addition to this, a few new bits have been added :

  • UTF-8 file name and URL's are now supported
  • The Directory Path in the File Browser is now clickable - you can change directories by clicking on the folder name - see the image below. 

    file browser 

For a full list of changes and bugs fixed see the Changelog


07 November 2011

JCE MediaBox 1.1.1 released

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Maintenance release

This release fixes a bug with Vimeo support which would result in Vimeo popups opening in a new window. In addition, all of JCE MediaBox's javascript files are now merged into a single compressed file (uncompressed source files are still included in the package).

For users who have been using JCE MediaBox since prior to 1.0.10 (releases 1.0.0 to 1.0.9) it may be necessary to remove the twitter.js and/or twitter-src.js files in plugins/system/jcemediabox/addons/

A full changelog is available here


02 November 2011

JCE 2.0.16 released

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JCE 2.0 updated

This release includes a number of bug fixes some administration improvements and some new security features.

Administration changes

The administration layout has been improved to better support RTL languages. This is part of an ongoing project to provide full RTL support throughout the editor.

Joomla! 1.7 ACL support has been improved (including a small fix related to the omission of the admin rule). Control Panel icons and items in the Options dialog will now respect the ACL settings.

The "support" links (Forum, FAQ, Documentation, Tutorials) in the Control Panel jave been merged into one link item.

New Security Parameters

Joomla! 1.5 and 1.7 both provide a Text Filter option for the Article Manager that, by default, removes applet,body,bgsound,base,basefont,embed,frame,frameset,head,html,id,iframe,ilayer,layer,link,meta,name,object,script,style,title,xml elements, as well as the action,background,codebase,dynsrc,lowsrc attributes. It is sometimes necessary to disable this filtering function for some user groups in order to insert media elements, scripts or iframes. Unfortunately fine-grained configuration with different filtering options for different user groups is not currently possible. 

JCE Profiles are prefect for setting up specific configurations for different components, usergroups or users. This could allow for a more precise approach to element and attribute filtering using the Prohibited Elements, Prohibited Attributes and Extended Elements parameters (it will be necessary to have the Cleanup HTML option enabled and the Editor Toggle option disabled)

A Prohibited Elements parameter has existed existed for some time, with a limited default element list. This has been expanded in JCE 2.0.16 to include the full default list used by the Joomla! Text Filter. The difference here is that if you have certain plugins installed or options activated, the affected tags are automatically removed from the list, eg: with the Media Support option activated and the Allow Object and Allow Embed parameters enabled will remove the object and embed tags from the Prohibited Elements list. You can remove any of the other tags by adding them to the Extended Elements list (see below - the applet and frameset elements are allowed by adding them to the Extended Elements list)

extended elements

A Prohibited Attributes parameter has also been added. This allows you to set a list of attributes that cannot be set for any element. This parameter supports a simple regular expression syntax, eg: on([a-z]+) will remove all event attributes such as onclick, onmouseover etc.

I will be publishing a tutorial soon on JCE 2.0.16 security tips.

For a full list of changes and bugs fixed see the Changelog


24 October 2011

JCE 1.5 End-of-life

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Development and distribution of JCE 1.5 will be discontinued on 31st October. From 1st November only JCE 2.0 and associated add-ons will be available for download.

Subscribers will still be able to download JCE 1.5 add-ons from their subscription page.

All existing JCE 1.5 users are urged to upgrade to JCE 2.0. JCE 2.0 is compatible with Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 1.7

Installation instructions are available here

20 October 2011

JCE MediaBox 1.1.0 released

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HTML5 Video and Audio support added

This release adds HTML5 video and audio support to MediaBox for the mp4, mp3  and webm file types, with the inclusion of a Flash based MediaPlayer for browsers that don't support the HTML5 video and audio tag (mp4 and mp3 files only).

Click here for a mp4 video example

Click here for a webm example 

Youtube and Vimeo support has also been updated to use the new IFrame embed method offered by both providers.

In addition to these new features, popups that are unable to load their content (due to broken links, missing media or a lack of support for the format) will show a related media icon, eg:

missing image example

A full changelog is available here