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28 May 2009

JCE Editor Plugin 1.5.3 released

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The long awaited and often promised JCE Editor Plugin 1.5.3 is here and includes a number of important bug fixes as well as a few new features.

06 May 2009

JCE is Tweeting

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Follow the daily ramblings and stresses of the JCE HQ on Twitter -

21 February 2009

JCE HQ is relocating

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The JCE HQ will be relocating to London, England over the weekend of the 28th February 2009.

General support and forum responses will be interrupted but I hope to resume business as normal as soon as possible, most likely by Monday 2nd March.

17 February 2009

JCE 1.5.2 Released

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Long awaited updates to JCE 1.5.x have finally been released, addressing and fixing many bugs and issues, and adding a few new featues along the way.

This release consists of updates to the Editor Plugin and Admin Component, as well as all the subscription plugins. Notable updates and changes include:

  • A new HTML, javascript powered multiple file uploader (no flash required!)
  • A GZip compression option reduces load times of the editor significantly
  • TinyMCE has been upgraded to - Changelog
  • A new, improved Advcode Editor using the CodeMirror syntax highlighting engine (php support to follow)
  • Improved support for PHP, CSS and javascript code with visual indicators.
  • PDF and other Object support
  • Improved security removes iframe, object, param, embed, applet, script and style elements unless an appropriate plugin or option is enabled.
  • New Article Breaks plugin adds improved Readmore and Pagebreak support
  • The Group Manager in the Admin Component has been re-designed / re-ordered to make using this powerful feature easier.

For a full list of features and fixes, click Read More or see below.

For fixes and changes to the subscriber plugins, see the download notes for each plugin.

For installation instructions including new upgrade steps, click here


04 December 2008

Caption Plugin 1.5 released

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The Captions plugin for JCE 1.5.x has finally been released with a slightly different interface to the original and a few extra features.

UPDATE : Version 1.5.1 of this plugin has been released.

About the Caption Plugin

30 November 2008

JCE 1.1.9 Security Update

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UPDATE: A few fixes have been added in the release:

  • Restricted Access errors on upload
  • Error / blank file window in Manager plugins
  • Paste from Word / Paste as Plain Text errors / fixes 

An important update for JCE 1.1.x has been released, primarily to fix a security issue in all versions prior to 1.1.9. All users of these versions are encouraged to update.

In addition, all the Manager plugins (File Manager, Media Manager, Image Manager Extended, Template Manager) are affected and should be updated too.

Installation / Upgrade instructions:

Users of JCE 1.1.6 and 1.1.7 can apply the provied. Unzip the contents to your local machine and upload / FTP the extracted files over the existing ones in mambots/editors/

Alternatively uninstall the existing editor mambot and reinstall using the Joomla! Mambot installer - Installation Tutorial

JCE plugins must either be re-installed or the contents of each zip package extracted over the existing folders in mambots/editors/jce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/ - Installation Tutorial

Additional updates include:

  • All local files and links are now inserted with relative urls. an extra option in the JCE Configuration can disable this.
  • All scripts are now loaded using relative urls which may fix the www issue?
  • Media Manager - Flash Options now incudes allwfullscreen and the newer FLV player from JCE 1.5.x, with fullscreen playback, has been included.


JCE Editor Mambot

JCE Editor Mambot 1.1.8 to patch

JCE Plugins

04 September 2008

Feed Error Fix

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Some of you may have come across this error in the JCE Administration Component Control Panel recently. This is nothing to be alarmed about, as it occurs because the new site is not yet offering a news feed which would be displayed as it was before, in the Control Panel.

24 August 2008

Forum / Login issues

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There seem to be a few bugs still in the PHPBB3 forum bridge that are causing some nasty errors for a few users when logging in on the frontend or the forum. I hope to have this resolved as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Is this issue resolved? I made some code changes to some of the bridge files and I haven't had any complaints for a couple of days now...

18 August 2008

Migration in progress

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This site is in the process of a slow and painful process of a migration to Joomla! 1.5. Things will look messy, dissapear, reappear and then dissapear again, break, stop working, work again, change color and probably $$#??0&õ

Please bear with me. I'll try an keep the disturbance to a minimum.

15 August 2008

JCE Utilities 2.1.0

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JCE Utilities 2.1.0 has been released for Joomla! 1.0.x and Joomla! 1.5.x

UPDATE: 2.1.2 has been released for Joomla! 1.5.x and 1.0.x with minor fixes.

This release fixes some bugs and adds support for Image Maps.

A set of tutorials for creating popups is available here

Changelog (from 2.1.1)

  • Fixed: Popup image url after legacy conversion
  • Fixed: Image/Theme/Script/CSS loading issue if no www! (Joomla! 1.0.x)

Changelog (from 2.1.0)

  • Fixed: More Accurate legacy conversion selector

Changelog (from 2.0.0)

  • Added: AREA element as popup source
  • Added: noicon class filter prevents a popup from having a zoom icon
  • Added: nogroup class filter prevents a popup from being assigned to a group
  • Added: Legacy option converts JCE window popups into inline popups.
  • Added: All object/embed elements hidden while popup is open.
  • Added: Local link popups require a type to be set of 'ajax' or 'text/html' or 'text/xml'
  • Added: Default popup width/height options
  • Fixed: Youtube/Google Video/MetaCafe link detection extended to includ embed links
  • Fixed: Small IE bug in icon creation
  • Fixed: Next button shown on last group item
  • Fixed: Zoom icon positioning fixed. Forever. I mean it this time!
  • Fixed: Oversized popup window if caption longer than 1 line.
  • Changed: Templates are now called themes to avoid confusion with Joomla! and JCE templates
  • Removed: Conversion options for other popup scripts.

Download JCE Utiltiies 2.1.2

12 August 2008

JCE Site Joomla! 1.5 Migration

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This website will be unavailable over most of the coming weekend -  16th & 17th August - while I attempt to migrate to Joomla! 1.5

If all goes well we'll be back with a new forum, PHPBB3, and a new subscription component. Hopefully I can minimize data loss, but do to the forum migration I do expect some problems. As no Fireboard to PHPBB3 converter exists, the process becomes a bit of a hack job, but the result, an excellent forum (as used at will be well worth it.

02 August 2008

JCE 1.5.0 Stable

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The 1.5.0 'Stable' versions of the JCE Admin Component, 1.5.1 of the Editor Plugin and 1.5.0 'Stable' versions of the Image Manager Extended, Media Manager, File Manager and Template Manager have been released.

This release attempts to fix a number of important bugs, and generally bring some stability and 'production readiness' to the code. On top of the numerous bug fixes, there are a number of important and cool new features:

Administration Component

  • Groups can now be copied
  • The plugin parameters and editor configuration provide a default set of parameters for each new group.
  • The editor's position can now be set (left, right, center), and can also be placed 'outside' the content area.
  • Uninstalling the Admin Component attempts to uninstall the editor and all plugins.
  • Plugin extension parameters are listed within the Group
  • New plugins are automatically added to the 'Default' group.
Editor Plugin
  • File types are now grouped by type, eg images=jpg,gif,png which is used in the Flash Uploader to filter the file type when selecting a file to upload. See this blog article
  • Various additions to the plugin extension system
  • Some major plugins now have tooltip help for most fields.
  • The browser layout has been re-coded. Looks and works better.
  • New Link Brower replaces previous 'link selection system'. Uses a dynamic tree to locate and display links, Click for an example
  • Events tab has been removed to simplify dialog.
  • Dialog has been redesigned for user friendliness.
  • New E-mail icon launches prompt dialog for entering address details.
  • New FLV player includes fullscreen option and new time display.
  • Popup option for creating poup links for JCE Utilities 2.x (requires content selection - text, image etc.)
  • Better support for replacement FLV player, eg: JW Media Player
The Template Manager has also finally been release and is available in the subscriber downloads section.

A new AdvLink extension, DocmanLinks, provides Docman category and document links for the AdvLink link browser (Docman required, obviously)
IMPORTANT! Clear your brower cache after installing and before use!

16 July 2008

JCE Utilities 2.0.0

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The next generation of the JCE Utilities mambot/plugin has been released for Joomla! 1.0.15 and Joomla! 1.5.4.

Changes and additions include:

  • Create a popup of any media type, from images to flash files, quictime movies and Youtube movies.
  • Content loading now also uses ajax to load local files. 
  • Optional PNGFix now works on background image styles too.
  • Optional WMode fix fixes layering issues with flash files by setting a 'wmode' parameter of 'opaque' where necessary.
  • Popups are customizable using 'templates'. Three different types have been included with this release, Standard, Standard-Top (same as standard but with captions and navigation on top) and Squeezebox, which pays homage to the original Squeezbox, which is used in Joomla! 1.5.. More details on creating a template will be available soon.
New tutorials are available here with additional movie tutorials to follow.

04 June 2008

JCE 1.5.0 Release Candidate

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The first, and hopefully only, release candidate of the JCE Editor Plugin has been released, as well as an update to the Admin Component, updates to the Image Manager Extended, now also at RC1, and the File Manager and Media Manager plugins.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and made suggestions. I would hope that the Release Candidate status is short lived.

31 May 2008

JCE Editor 1.5.0 beta 4

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JCE Editor 1.5.0 beta 4 has been released along with an update to the Admin Component, File Manager and Media Manager plugins. The Image Manager Extended also joins the bunch with its first beta in 1.5.0!

This is sort of a milestone release as it includes the new JCE Groups Permissions System, which adds a powerful and versatile method to control acces to the JCE Editor's features. There is a full tutorial on JCE Groups , I suggest you go through it after installing the new versions. Like sharks with lasers, the new JCE Groups system is awesome, but the concept can be a little confusing at first, especially to users used to the old system.

Another new and exciting feature is the Advanced Code Editor plugin, included in the core, which adds syntax highlighted code editing to the HTML view (the popup, not the toggle view). Its got a similar icon to the HTML view, but is red instead advcode.gif

One other change to take note of is that the AdvLink icon has changed. This is to differentiate it from the Link icon. The new icon is advlink.gif

None of the versions released to day are compatible with anything released before. The required versions are:

  • JCE Admin Component 1.5.0 RC3
  • JCE Editor Plugin 1.5.0 beta 4
  • JCE Media Manager 1.5.0 beta 3
  • JCE File Manager 1.50 beta 3
  • JCE Image Manager Ext 1.5.0 beta 1

  Please report bugs where you find them and post suggestions etc in the forum. Please remeber that this is still beta code, so use with caution (ie: test it before using it live!)