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JCE 1.0.0 Released


After many months of work, and a few broken promises, JCE 1.0.0 has finally been released.

Due to the failure of mosCE on 1.0.8 and general problems with that project that cannot be easily solved, I have rushed to release JCE. This may mean that it is not completely stable, and therefore should be treated as a beta, ie: do not install it on a production site until you have tested it and are happy with the performance. If you help me out, together we can get this project working as it should.

You can get the files here :


Please Note :

You must install the Admin Component first, then the Editor Mambot, and then download and install your choice of plugins using the Plugin Manager in the Admin component.

Known issues :

Apart from a couple that have come up in the last 30 minutes or so, there are some other things that I haven't been able to fix yet:

  • The Advanced Link plugin does not contain the favourites feature that many may have seen in the screenshots I posted recently. There was a problem with it that I couldn't fix, so I removed this functionality.
  • In order to use Image Manager popup images, you will need to download and install the mossef hack found in the Extras section of the Downloads part of the site. Uninstall the old mossef mambot and install this one (there is an explantion as to why in the download link).
  • I can't guarantee support on Opera or Safari.
  • The help files for som eof the plugins suck. I haven't had a lot of time to do these, they are a real rushed job.

I will post more info on the general workings of the system and on creating language packs soon.