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  • JCE 1.1.0 Final released!

This release marks the end of the JCE 1.1.0 beta period and sees the 1.0.x series retired.

JCE 1.1.0 Final introduces a number of changes and some new features:

  • Spell Checker plugin - the Moxiecode Spell Checker for TinyMCE is now included in the standard install. Includes the option to use either the Google Spell Check Service, Pspell or Aspell.
  • New dialogs have been added for all Manager functions (upload, rename etc).
  • The Media Manager and File Manager are now for Members only. See this article for more information on the JCE Club Membership
  • The Image Manager SE and AdvLink SE are now called Image Manager Extended and Advanced Link Extended
  • HTML cleanup is now turned off by default.
  • A 'Mambot Mode' has been introduced (activated through the JCE Mambot Configuration) which re-converts ' " and & characters during saving.
  • There are a few new icons for the Manager plugins.
  • The Folder Tree can now be disabled. This is a temporary workaround solution when using a big folder list. Will be replaced with a dynamic folder tree in a future version. Set per plugin.
  • The Layer plugin has been removed.
  • Various bug fixes and code improvements, including various configuration options, eg: Character Encoding for the Ajax requests can now be set, the path method for including client side assets can now be set (absolute or relative).
  • The Image Manager Extended now includes Image Resizing!
  • The File Manager icons can now be configured. The path can be set and an 'icon map' can be specified, ie: an icon can be mapped to a set of extensions.
  • The Media Manager can now handle Google Video and Youtube video from links.
  • The Media Manager includes support for FLV file through a custom FLV player. The player path and name can be set. Variables are compatible with Jeroen Wijering's FLV player (file, buffer, repeat, autostart, and 2 colors).

Uninstall any previous version of JCE (both the Editor Mambot and Component).
Download and Install the JCE Admin Component 1.1.0 Final, then the JCE Editor Mambot 1.1.0 Final.
Download and install an extra plugins you require using the JCE Plugin Installer. 

Note: When installing the JCE Advlink Extended or JCE Image Manager Extended, do not unpublish the AdvLink, Link, Image or Image Manager plugins/commands. It is not necessary. 


Thats it for now. Get the files from the downloads section.


Only those plugins released with JCE 1.1.0 Final, ie: those available in th download section now, will work with JCE 1.1.0 Final. I'm not sure which 3rd party plugins will work, those developers are welcome to contact me if they need help adapting their plugins.
Remember to clear your brower cache after installing and before using the editor. It is also a good idea to do a 'hard refresh' - CTRL + F5 on first use.