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JCE, JQuery & Thickbox

I'vr been experimenting with Lightbox and Thickbox, with the possibility ofusing one of these as a replacement for the Image Manager popups, and in the case of Thickbox, as an alternative for the Advanced Link popups too.

There are a lot of advantages to using a method like this instead of the current Image Manager popup method:

  • Thickbox and Lightbox popups degrade gracefully. If JCE is not installed, the link opens the image in a new browser window.
  • Either method will be compatible with bots like JoGadgets, or if you choose to include the Lightbox/Thickbox javascript without JCE.
  • The popup links are soooo much easier to create and edit.
  • It looks pretty good, and experinced users can hack the css file to change the way the popups look.

Here are some examples. These use Thickbox and Jquery (instead of prototype, scriptaculous and lightbox; included files are much smaller overall). 








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