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  • JCE Pro 2.8.11 released

This update fixes a number of issues reported since the last update, and includes a few small additions and changes.

Drag & drop embed of files

Support for drag & drop upload and insert of various file types - pdf, docx, etc. - has been improved to allow these files to be embedded into content, in a similar way as can be acheived using the File Manager dialog.

To do this, the new Format option in the File Manager parameters must be set to Iframe, and an Embed Width and Embed Height value should be set. To embed Office type files - doc, docx, xls, xlsx etc. - the Open Width option should also be set, as these file types will require an external service to process and display them.

File Manager Embed Parameters 

Then, just drag and drop the file into the editor to upload and embed it.

Drag and drop embed with the File Manager 

JCE Pro 2.8 includes a number of great new features and enhancements and is available for download or to update via the Joomla Updater.

A changelog for this release is available to view here

Thank you to everyone who submitted bug reports and tested development versions. If you find any more issues please submit them on the forum or on github.

Download and Installation

JCE Pro is available for download with a JCE Pro Subscription.
If you already have a subscription, please make sure you set your key before updating

Instructions for installing and updating JCE for each Joomla version are available here