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Thank you to everyone for your amazing support.

In the next couple of weeks I will be implementing a site membership system, where for $20, you can sign up for a one year JCE Site membership, which will give you access to special forums (that are given priority over all others), tutorials, documentation and advanced plugins for the JCE system.

Payment will be made through 2Checkout.com, and activation will be instant (just building the little component and module that makes this happen!).

Non-members will still have access to the core JCE system , the Editor Mambot and Component, as well as a selection of basic plugins. These plugins will include the Image Manager Lite, File Manager and a 'Lite' version of the Media Manager (basically as it is now, but without FLV and MP3 support that the advanced version will have), as well as the Advanced Link plugin.

Members will get the full Image Manager, with resizing, thumbnailing and popups, with an Image Editor to be included in the near future, a Media Manager with FLV and MP3 support, provided through custom built Flash players, the Caption plugin and the Template Manager.

I hope to release a little video soon showing off some of the new 'Manager' features, such as file and folder sorting and searching of the file list, whilst simultaneosuly showing you the FLV player I have built for the Media Manager.