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JCE Utilities Mambot released


I have released a JCE Utilties Mambot, that although will be used for popup images in JCE 1.1 (using a lightbox/thickbox method) is also capable of convertig old mosCE and exisitng JCE image popups to use this method. This is done inline as the page loads, content in the db is not affected.

This mambot also addressed an issue relating to embedded media in IE6 SP1 and IE7.

You can get it here

This mambot should be considered as beta code. It has been tested with Firefox 1.5, IE6 and Opera 9

Updated to 1.0.1

  • Included uncompressed version of JQuery for reference.
  • Added support for JCE Popup conversion from Image Manager 1.0.0 to 1.0.2
  • Fixed loading graphic path.


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An example of a popup (in this case using the JCE Image Manager 1.0.4 method) converted into the lightbox type method.

Update : I have discovered a few things that may prevent this mambot from working properly :

  1. Your template must use a valid doctype.
  2. Some templates (like this one did) include an XML declaration. This prevents the mambot from working (for some strange reason).

Because the mambot uses javascript to convert the old popup code and register an onclick event for new popups, it requires that the page fully loads before doing this.