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URL Change and Member Subscriptions


As you may have noticed, the JCE site has moved to a new url. Please update your bookmarks and whatnot. If you use the old url, you will be redirected to this one.


Registered users may notice the new 'Members' module in the right menu. This is part of the new subscription system for the JCE Member area. Although you can subscribe now (the cost is $20 for a 1 Year subscription), there is not much available for Members only yet. If you do subscribe before the release of JCE 1.1 however, you subscription will be extended by the time period  between your subscription start date and the JCE 1.1 release date.


I have a lot of things that I would like to offer Members, excluding a set of dedicated forums and better support. some of the planned goodies include:


  • A PDF 'User Guide' for JCE in 3 part - 'Installation and Setup, Plugins and Using JCE'.
  • Advanced versions of some of the Plugins. These will be renamed to 'Member Edition' versions eg: Image Manager 1.1 ME. These include:
  • Image Manager ME - with resizing, thumbnailing, popups and possibly an Image Editor.
  • Media Manager ME - with MP3 and FLV support through Flash players, plus support for Flash variables.
  • Template Manager
  • Caption plugin
  • Also the possibility of a File Manager version with zip support.
  • More tutorials, including more Flash tutorials.