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This release adds Lightbox / Slimbox and Shadowbox conversion (convert any lightbox / slimbox or shadowbox popup link into a JCE MediaBox one) as well as fixing a few bugs, most notably an issue with IE6 / 7 detection and browser title tooltip display issues in IE.

Included in this release is a new option to create popups on the fly, on content loaded by ajax for example, by using the jcepopup.create(elements) method (where elements is an array of potential popup links)

For a full list of changes, see the changelog

Download JCE MediaBox

After a bit of a crazy weekend with no less than 2 other releases, both of which seemed to introduce a new bug!, here is a third, which should hopefully fix issues with the previous two, the main one being installation of plugin extensions.

Check out the new Download section too which is running on Zoo2 from Yootheme


This release fixes an issue where the editor would fail to load if a 3rd party JCE Language Pack was installed but did not include javascript language files for some plugins. Any plugin affected will be disabled and a warning message displayed.

The Administration Component remains unchanged but has been re-released with this version number.

As the only changes are to the Editor Plugin, if upgrading from JCE only the Editor Plugin needs to be installed.