Terms of Service for Joomla Development Services

Terms of Service for Joomla Development Services

1. Payment Terms

Payment for services rendered by Widget Factory Limited is due upon completion of the project. Clients will receive an invoice which is payable within 30 days of the invoice date.
Project files will only be released to the client once the invoice has been paid in full. Failure to settle the invoice within the specified payment term may result in withholding of the final deliverables until payment is confirmed.

2. Service Scope

Our services include the custom development of JCE plugins and Joomla extensions (including plugins for the Tinymce editor) and upgrading existing extensions to meet current Joomla standards. Detailed specifications of each project will be agreed upon in writing before the commencement of work.
These services do not extend to modifications or troubleshooting issues related to existing JCE Plugins or features included with JCE Core or JCE Pro subscriptions.

3. Project Completion and Delivery

Upon completion of the project, Widget Factory Limited will notify the client and provide an opportunity for review and approval of the final product. Once the client approves the deliverables, the project will be considered complete, and an invoice will be issued.
Following payment of the invoice, the final project files will be delivered to the client. This ensures that all financial obligations are met prior to the transfer of the final deliverables.

4. Software Updates and Releases

Point Releases: Updates designated as point releases (e.g., version 1.0.1) that focus on minor bug fixes and enhancements are included in the initial pricing of the development project. The designation of what constitutes a point release will be determined by Widget Factory Limited, not the client.
Feature Releases: Updates classified as feature releases (e.g., version 1.1.0), which introduce new features or substantial changes, will be subject to additional fees. These updates are not included in the initial project cost and will be billed separately. Details and costs of such updates will be communicated and agreed upon prior to implementation.

5. Rights and Responsibilities

Widget Factory Limited reserves the right to decline projects or requests that do not align with our capacity, expertise, or ethical guidelines. Each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
Clients are responsible for providing timely and accurate information necessary for the completion of the project. Delays in providing such information may result in project delays and adjustments in deadlines and costs.

6. Cancellation Policy

Should the client wish to cancel the project after it has begun, notification must be given in writing. Clients may be invoiced for all work completed up to the point of cancellation, which is payable as per the terms above.

7. Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights in the software developed will be owned by the client unless otherwise agreed in writing. Widget Factory Limited agrees to keep all materials and communications related to the project confidential.