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JCE Editor

JCE is an extension for Joomla!, that provides you with a set of WYSIWYG editor tools that makes the job of writing articles for your Joomla! site a little bit easier. In a nutshell, it provides access to many of the features you may be used to using in Word or OpenOffice etc. but for your website content HTML, ie: you can make some text bold, without having to know how to write <strong>make some text bold</strong>.

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JCE MediaBox

JCE MediaBox is an optional plugin for Joomla! 1.5. which creates customizable content popups in a manner similar to the popular Lightbox and Slimbox scripts, as well as providing tooltips.

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JCE Subscription

A JCE Subscription offers exclusive access to 

  • a monitored support forum
  • a growing list of add-ons that extend the JCE Editor
  • promotional offers from JCE partners

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