• Revert to using <iframe> tags instead of <object> tags for pdf documents



  • Restrict pdf popups on iOS (iPhone and iPad). Android will display a "View File" prompt in the popup, but is unable to show the pdf.


  • Fix iPadOS detection primarily to disable pdf popups on mobile devices.
  • Create zoom icon for pdf links even if popup is disabled on Mobile devices.
  • Fix close "x" in Light theme.
  • Fix close "x" in Shadow theme.



  • CSS errors resulting in missing popup features, eg: next previous, close, pagination numbers etc.



  • Remove menuitemcheckboxes and use menuitem with groupedlist-fancy-select in Joomla 4
  • Move assets to media/plg_system_jcemediabox folder


  • Improve support for Joomla 5.
  • Fix PHP Errors in Joomla 3 when editing parameters.



  • PHP Error in Joomla 3.x when editing Mediabox parameters.
  • Missing Assign to Menu and Exclude from Menu parameter fields.



  • Images that have been displayed smaller than the original size can now be explanded to full size (relative to the window size) by clicking on them.


  • Setting an Assign to Menu to Exclude from Menu option in the MediaBox parameters is now done with a checkbox in a nested menu item list.


  • Converted legacy Joomla class names to namespaced format



  • Adding a data-mediabox-skipfocus="1" attribute to a popup link will prevent activator re-focus on mediabox close.


  • Use version number for asset hash
  • Incorrect calculation of mediabox width on some mobile device portrait orientations.
  • Don't show zoom icon on tags
  • Processing legacy parameters in some popups would prodice an error.
  • Width and height values passed in as parameters on a custom popup would not be used.
  • Only add custom triggered popups (using jcepopup.open) to the global popups list on the first click!
  • Add custom triggered popups (using jcepopup.open) to the global popups list.
  • Update Youtube and Vimeo processing
  • Improve portrait sizing on mobile devices when the Mediabox uses a long caption
  • PDF files were not displaying at an optimal size in Chromium browsers



  • Add the popup src value to a data-mediabox-src attribute on the mediabox body container for css selection.
  • Extract the tooltip position if any from legacy tooltips.
  • Added default tooltip styles from Bootstrap 2.3


  • Popup links are now removed in the Joomla "print" layout, so they are not displayed in the printed document.
  • Removed data-mediabox-src attribute previously added as a selector option to the popup body.
  • Add class name passed in by optional data-mediabox-css attribute to the popup body.


  • Restrict the selection of potential popups to the <a> and <area> tags
  • Ajax popups reload continuously if triggered as an auto-popup
  • Hide the temp iframe used to load ajax content while the popup is loading
  • Center-aligned images within the popup link would display incorrectly in some instances
  • Fix error with processing uri data from an iframe url, which was causing the temporary iframe to display in local content popups.
  • Trim popup max-width when the popup height is larger than the screen, in an attempt to fit popups with long captions.
  • Force autoplay in IE11 if the attribute is set.
  • Use <source> tag for video url value.
  • Open pdf links in a new tab instead of a popup in iOS and Android.
  • Icons were not displaying in IE 11
  • Title and Caption values that contained HTML and a link would be rendered incorrectly.
  • A popup launched dynamically from a javascript function would not open if no parameters were specified.
  • Allow local urls to contain a tmpl variable that is not "component"



  • Fix zoom icon height
  • Improve transition between images
  • Set a min-height value for the <audio> element
  • Add missing support for <audio> formats - mp3, m4a, oga, wav
  • Iframe based content popups would not display at the correct size if a width and height were set.


  • Removed legacy video / audio fallback support
  • Changed Mediabox global variable name to prevent conflicts with other plugins


  • Remove legacy fonts and mediaplayer folders on install


  • Changed: SVG icons are now used instead of font icons.
  • Changed: PDF files are now opened in a new window on iOS devices instad of in a Mediabox popup due to rendering issues on these devices.
  • Fixed: Video elements are now focusable using the TAB key.
  • Fixed: The MediaBox window would not always be displayed at the correct size when resized to fit without the browser window.


  • Fixed: Resizing the browser windowor changing the orientation of the device could cause the browser to freeze in some popup instances.


  • Fixed: Passed in Youtube and Vimeo options were not being correctly processed and applied.
  • Fixed: Medibox was not sizing correctly in some instances.
  • Added: Legacy tooltips are converted into simple UIkit or Bootstrap tooltips.


  • Changed: Revert some previous changes to add back compatability with Joomla 3.6
  • Fixed: Iframe scrolling on iOS devices
  • Fixed: Mediabox would fail when parsing some legacy popup parameters.
  • Fixed: Some iframe based content would not display at the correct width.
  • Fixed: Mediabox css was overriding sites styling of popup content.
  • Fixed: A double border was being produced when the popup thumbnail image contained a border.


  • Fixed: An overlay colour set in the MediaBox parameters would not be applied.
  • Fixed: Margin, Padding, Border etc. styles applied to a thumbnail image in the popup link would not be effectively overriden, resulting in a  layout issue with the popup icon.


  • Fixed: Display of some iframe based media, eg: PDF, Youtube etc.
  • Fixed: Some template @font-face declarations were overriding MediaBox font icons.


  • Fixed: Resizing of popups when device screen orientation changes.


  • Fixed: Popups with set dimensions not sized correctly.
  • Fixed: Some popup size configurations not sized correctly to fit the screen size.


  • Fixed: Fix layout of local content poups by removing default word wrap.
  • Fixed: Passed in styles were not applied to lcoal content popups correctly.


  • Fixed: Opening a popup that is resized to fit the screen would cause the browser tab to crash in some configurations.


  • Fixed: Use of deprecated function causing an error in Joomla 4


  • Fixed: Content popups using set dimensions were not displaying at the correct size when the dimensions resulted in a portrait orientation.


  • Fixed: Legacy parameters, eg: data-mediabox="width[640];height[480]" were not being processed correctly.


  • Changed: Replace Icomoon icons with FontAwesome 4 icons.


  • Changed: Rebuilt MediaBox as a modern, responsive lightbox.


  • Fixed: Update group detection from rel attribute to support "noopener noreferrer" addition in JCE 2.6.10
  • Added: Add "noopener noreferrer" to rel attribute when the popup link target="_blank"


  • Fixed: Simplified URL matching in the popup title and caption to allow for URLs with less common characters.
  • Fixed: Title and caption values in popups created in JCE 2.6.9 not displayed.
  • Fixed: Refine popup selector to prevent invalid popups - elements that contain a "jcepopup" class value that are not <a> or <area> tags - from being processed.


  • Fixed: MediaBox fails if the page contains elements with the "jcepopup" class that are not anchor links.


  • Added: The Autopopup option can now be set with a data-mediabox-autopup attribute, eg: 
    <a href="/image.jpg" data-mediabox="1" data-mediabox-autopopup="multiple">
  • Fixed: Mediabox not loading on some sites due to invalid "Assigne To Menu" parameter value.


  • Added: An option to exclude loading Mediabox in certain menu items.
  • Added: The "data-mediabox" attribute can now be used as a popup link selector instead of the "jcepopup" class, eg: 
    <a href="/image.jpg" data-mediabox="1">


  • Fixed: Remove query from popup imge URL before testing for image type.


  • Fixed: Popup fails is title or caption contains a % character.


  • Fixed: mp3 audio type not detected correctly for MediaPlayer fallback.


  • Fixed: PHP7 Compatability
  • Changed: Set allowfullscreen:true on iframes


  • Added: Media Fallback option to create a shim for browser that don't support mp4 and flv video and mp3 audio.
  • Changed: Replace Strobe Media Playback player with a simpler player based on the one used in MediaElement.js
  • Changed: Improved the methods for displaying video and audio.
  • Fixed: Decoding of html in title and caption.
  • Fixed: Next / Previous icons in Squeeze theme.
  • Fixed: Detection and use of protocol relative URL
  • Fixed: Prevent creation of multiple zoom icons. 


  • Fixed: Detection of browser support for mp4 video.


  • Fixed: Popup position in iOS or when Scolling option is set to "scroll"


  • Fixed: Loading indicator when displaying a PDF in iOS
  • Fixed: Popup window position not centered on some sites / platforms
  • Fixed: Audio / video support detection and fallback
  • Fixed: Decoding of caption / title content to allow for HTML contents
  • Fixed: Update "domready" function
  • Changed: Add support for data-mediabox-* attributes for parameters (to be introduced in JCE 2.5.3)


  • Fixed: Dimension check that caused some link popups to fail.


  • Fixed: Sizing of Flash videos
  • Fixed: Images in "ajax" content resized to full width
  • Fixed: Persistent loader in PDF Mediabox in Chrome / Win7
  • Changed: Always open PDF files in a new window on Androind and iOS
  • Added: IFrame URLs are opened as protocol relative when the source scheme is different to the site scheme.


  • Fixed: Resize elements to fit popup
  • Fixed: Decode encoded title, caption etc. (encoding introduced in JCE 2.5)
  • Fixed: Popup text link display when popup is an image.
  • Changed: Open pdf files in new window in iOS Safari 


  • Fixed: Popup icon display when the popup link is inside a JCE Caption
  • Fixed: IFrame load in WebKit iOS browsers


  • Fixed : Further display issues with JCE Captions
  • Fixed : Loading does not end for IFrames in iOS8


  • Fixed : Strict Standards error
  • Fixed : CSS Conflict with JCE Captions


  • Fixed : Removed inline-block style from popup link which prevented text floating correctly.


  • Fixed : Bootstrap framework icon conflicts


  • Fixed : ?tmpl=component incorrectly added to some external links


  • Changed : Replace ?etag=hash with ?hash on stylesheet/script urls.
  • Changed : Minify stylesheets and replace header in css and js files with lighter version.
  • Fixed : Add width of 150% to pdf files in iOS to attempt to address scroll issues.


  • Changed : Use ?etag= instead of ?version= to prevent script/stylesheet caching
  • Fixed : Attempt to address pdf display issues on iOS and Android.
  • Fixed : IFrame / Ajax display issues in IE6/7
  • Fixed : Use passed in width/height for media elements
  • Fixed : Add type attribute to audio/video tag.
  • Fixed : Don't load MediaBox in Joomla print mode
  • Fixed : Only apply float from image to icon container if value is "left" or "right"
  • Fixed : Various popup display issues on iOS


  • Fixed : Image popups are now correctly scaled if only one dimension is set.
  • Fixed : Error in IE7 in local content popups.


  • Fixed : Close button position if numbers are visible but no caption.
  • Fixed : Error in MediaBox parameters on some systems.
  • Added : Support for f4v files.


  • Fixed : Improve PDF display on some devices.
  • Fixed : Dont show numbers and caption area if empty.


  • Fixed : Decode entities in title and caption text


  • Fixed : PDF popups not displaying in Chrome
  • Added : Cookie Expirt option for single auto-popups.
  • Added : Popups can now be opened with jcepopup.open method using element, eg: onclick="jcepopup.open(this);"
  • Changed : Use popup link id or base64 encoded url as cookie name
  • Fixed : Encode and trim popup title and caption.


  • Fixed : Multiple menu assignement selection


  • Added : Menu Assignment option allows MediaBox to only be loaded on the selected menu item.
  • Changed : Remove "MediaObject" library
  • Fixed : Remove us of DS constant
  • Fixed : Occassional error if no rel oar title attribute set on the popup link.
  • Fixed : Move -webkit-scroll style to javascript to prevent validation errors.
  • Fixed : Use caption as default if no popup title set.
  • Fixed : Remove popup closing when link in popup is clicked.


  • Fixed : Youtube video fails to load when URL contains no parameters
  • Fixed : Tooltip shows browser tooltip if tooltip is placed on a popup thumbnail
  • Fixed : Default width and height (if set) is used for video files if no dimensions are provided.
  • Change : Theme files are now valid HTML files.


  • Fixed : Youtube URL creation
  • Fixed : Youtube URL on iOS devices
  • Fixed : Popup scrolling on iOS devices


  • Fixed : Thumbnail images will now display in Print Preview modes.
  • Fixed : Image alt or title transfered to zoom icon container
  • Fixed : Vimeo popup detection
  • Fixed : Popup Parameter processing
  • Added : Support for FLV files either detected from the extension or from type="video/x-flv"
  • Added : Popup dimensions can now be set as percentages, eg: rel="width[50%]"


  • Fixed : Vimeo popups open in a new window
  • Fixed : Added class to anchor links in popup container (close, next, previous buttons) to prevent badly assigned css classes in some templates from affecting the behaviour of the buttons
  • Changed : Merged javascript files into a single compressed file.



  • Fixed : Legacy popup conversion
  • Fixed : Javascript processing of internal content eg: email cloaking
  • Fixed : Image resizing if only one dimension is set.
  • Added : Support for Youtube and Vimeo IFrame mode
  • Added : Support for HTML5 mp4 video with a Flash based MediaPlayer fallback
  • Added : Support for HTML5 mp3 audio with a Flash based MediaPlayer fallback
  • Added : Support for HTML5 webm video and audio (supported browsers only)
  • Added : Image, document and video image markers for content that can't be loaded



  • Fixed : Image resizing when dimensions set in popup parameters.


  • Fixed : Popup Grouping


  • Fixed : Display issue in Safari
  • Fixed : Popup would fail if link contained an id attribute but no autopopup class
  • Update : Improved display on iPad and iPhone


  • Fixed : Positioning of zoom icon when thumbnail image is center aligned.
  • Added : Tooltips are now processed in 'ajax' content popups.
  • Changed : Separate install packages for Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 1.6


  • Fixed : Incorrect positioning of popup box when Resize parameter is set to No and image size exceeds screen size.


  • Added : Joomla! 1.6 supported
  • Fixed : Tooltips on popup thumbnail images
  • Fixed : Better popup icon placement.
  • Fixed : Icon placement when thumbnail image does not have both dimensions set.


  • Added : Popup links in 'ajax' popups are now processed
  • Added : jcepopup.create(elements) method for creating popups on the fly where elements is an array of popup links
  • Added : Lightbox / Slimbox and Shadowbox conversion options. Convert any existing lightbox / slimbox and shadowbox popup to a JCE Mediabox one.
  • Added : Option to select whether a click on the background overlay closes the popup
  • Fixed : Gap in Squeeze theme popup layout in IE7
  • Fixed : Added better IE6 / IE7 browser detection (sniff plus feature detection) May contribute to fixing IE display issues
  • Fixed : title tooltip issues in IE
  • Changed : Removed iPad / iPhone block. May still require some work to get full support for these devices


  • Remove fade-in on all non-image popups


  • Replaced legacy instances of Mootools trim() function with native JCEMediaBox.trim()


  • Added audio and video elements to JCEMediaObject
  • Fixed type attribute not being added to embed element
  • Removed fade-in for IE6

1.0.6 (not released)

  • Removed tinymce function references
  • Added conversion of legacy bw and bh values
  • Fixed button placement when popup does not contain a caption.
  • Fixed z-index conflict with some menu systems


  • Fixed errors when using a css / javascript compression plugin
  • 'minified' all javascript files
  • Thumb image border no longer set to 0
  • Fixed issue where Youtube etc. dimensions could not accept custom values


  • Fixed : More SEF related url issues
  • Fixed : Popup closes when clicking on overlay / background.


  • Fixed issues with zoom icon and inherited styles
  • Fixed MediaObject using incorrect function call


  • Fixed issues with SEF


  • Fixed method for obtaining site url. JCE MediaBox will fail if no site url obtained.


  • Removed all external script / library dependencies. All JCE MediaBox functions are contained with the JCEMediaBox namespace.
  • Tooltips are now themed using the selected popup theme.
  • The Standard and Squeeze theme popups now have rounded corners, as do all tooltips.
  • JCE MediaBox can be extended using add-on scripts to add support for additional media sites (Youtube, Google Video, Vimeo, Metacafe, DailyMotion supported by default)
  • A caption parameter has been added so that a separate title can be added to images.
  • All labels (close, next, previous etc.) are now translatable.