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About the JCE Add-ons Installer

The JCE Add-ons Installer is where JCE Add-ons (Plugins, Languages and Related Joomla! Extensions) are installed and removed.

There are currently 4 types of JCE add-on :

  1. Plugins - Plugins extend the functionlaity of the editor. Some plugins also add features to JCE Plugins. Image Manager Extended, IFrames, Captions etc, are examples of JCE Plugins.
  2. Extensions - Extensions add features to JCE Plugins. eg: Youtube Aggregator adds Youtube insert support to the Media Manager.
  3. Languages - Language Packs translate the editor to other languages. Languages packs are contributed by the community and can usually be found in the Translations section of the section of the JCE Forum.
  4. Related Joomla! Extensions - These are add-ons that have some connection with JCE but are not part of the JCE Editor. An example of a related Joomla! extension is JCE MediaBox