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Parameters for the Paste and Paste as Plain Text buttons are set in Plugin Parameters section for a JCE Profile. Profiles can be accessed from the JCE Control Panel or from Components->JCE Administration->Profiles.

Standard Parameters

Dialog Width
Width of the paste dialog in pixels if Use Paste Dialog is set to Yes

Dialog Height
Height of the paste dialog in pixels if Use Paste Dialog is set to Yes

Use Paste dialog
Opens a paste dialog to paste clipboard contents into prior to pasting into the article. Optional, but required by some browsers due to security restrictions (except when using CTRL+V).

Strip Class Attributes
Controls whether or not class attributes are stripped when pasting from Word.

  • All - will strip all class attributes from the pasted content
  • None - will not strip any class attributes from the pasted content.
  • Word Specific - will strip out all of the Word specific class attributes, but retain all others.

Remove Spans
This enables you to control if the Word cleanup operation should remove or keep span elements, they will be removed by default.

Keep Styles
Select whether styles will be retained or removed when pasting form Word.

  • All - all valid styles will be retained
  • None - all styles will be removed from the pasted content.
  • As Listed - only those styles listed in the Retained Styles list will be retained.

Retained Styles
Comma separated list of style properties to retain when pasting content from Word. For example: font-size,color.

Remove empty paragraphs
Empty paragraphs are removed from pasted content or converted into linebreaks if the Global Configuration Newlines option is set to Linebreaks.

Remove Webkit Styles
If Yes, removes all style information when pasting in WebKit (Safari, Chrome) since it has a serious paste bug.


Allow Paste As HTML
Allow users to paste content with html intact. Word specific and other html will automatically be cleaned based on the Standard Parameters settings.

Allow Paste As Plain Text
Allow users to paste content as plain text (stripped of html)