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Documentation - Caption
Friday, 21 November 2008 08:31

Extension Type: JCE Plugin

Availability: Available as an optional plugin with a valid subscription

Requirements: JCE Administration Component, JCE Editor Plugin.

Button Icon: caption_layout


The Caption plugin creates / edits captions on images with options for text color, padding and alignment and caption container margin, padding, background color and border styling.

In its simplest form, this consists of a parent DIV wrapped around the source image and an additional text DIV, eg:

<div style="width: 128px; display: inline-block; 
border: 1px solid #000000; background-color: #eeeeee;" class="jce_caption">
<img height="96" width="128" alt="strawberry" src="/images/stories/strawberry.jpg" />
<div style="text-align:center;"<strawberry</div></div>






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