The Administration Control Panel contains useful information about the current installation including version numbers and resource links, as well as buttons to access various parts of the JCE Administration area.

Control Panel

The buttons on the top of the Control Panel view, Editor Global Configuration, Editor Profiles, File Browser and JCE MediaBox Parameters provide links to each section of the JCE Administration.

  • Editor Global Configuration - Access the Global Configuration settings for the editor.
  • Editor Profiles - Access the Editor Profiles to setup or edit individual editor profiles.
  • File Browser - Launch a File Browser to upload and manage files (images, documents, videos etc.)
  • JCE MediaBox Parameters - Edit the JCE MediaBox Parameters. This button will only be visible if JCE MediaBox is installed and enabled.

A selection of links and labels below these buttons provide access to useful resources and information about the component.

  • Support - A link to the Support section of the JCE website.
  • Licence -  The JCE Licence, currently GNU/GPL 2 or later
  • Version - The Editor version number. If you have JCE Pro installed, a "Pro" badge will be visible before the number.
  • News Feed - Shows the current JCE News Feed. This option is disabled by default and can be enabled in the Options dialog.