The Updates dialog is available in Joomla 1.5 only

The Updates dialog provides a convenient way to update the JCE Editor and JCE Plugins, including JCE MediaBox.

Depending on the parameters set in the Preferences dialog, Full Version Releases and Patch Updats for the JCE Editor, Administration Component and Plugins are shown.

Updating plugins may require a valid JCE Subscription and a Subscription ID. The Subscription ID is listed in your Subscription History page and must be set in the Preferences dialog.


Available updates are listed in order of Priority, High, Medium and Low, which indicates to some extent the importance or necessity of the update (High Priority updates will always be compulsory updates)

The name of the update eg: Editor Plugin 1.5.8 or IFrames 1.5.6

The type of udpate, either a Full Install Package or Patch Update

The update version

The priority or importance of the update. Updates with High Priority are automatically selected to install.

Update Information
Displays information of the currently selected update. Click on an update in the list to see its information.

Checking for Updates

The latest update list is retrieved when the dialog is opened. You can refresh the list by clicking on the Check For Updates button.

Installing Updates

Select the updates to install by checking the checkbox  of each update item in the list. High Priority updates will always be selected and cannot be unselected. Click the Install Selected Updates button to download and install the selected updates. Once installed and if successful, the install information for the update will be displayed in the Update Infomration box and the Priority label changed to Installed to indicate success.