The editor uses browser cookies in a few instances to store a state - a small snapshot of a particular configuration, such as the current directory being viewed in the File Browser, or whether the editor is toggled on or off.

The specific instances where cookies are used are:

  • When the editor is toggle on or off using the power button above the toolbar, this state (on or off) is stored in a cookie, eg: wf-editor-state-jform_articletext : "1"
  • When the Visual Blocks button is clicked, the state of this feature - on or off - stored in a cookie, eg: wf_visualblocks_state : "true"
  • When a folder in the File Browser (or Image Manager, Media Manager etc.) is clicked to open that folder, the relative path of that folder is stored in a cookie, eg: wf_browser_dir : "nature/landscape"

These cookies are used so the state that has been stored in them can be retrieved when needed, eg: when the File Browser is closed and then opened again later in the editing session, the File Browser will display the folder that was last accessed.

Using cookies to store this information is very useful for the user, and we recommend using them, but you can disable their use in the Editor Global Configuration, by setting the Use Cookies option to No.

Use cookies option