Creating Lists

JCE can create ordered (numbered) and unordered lists using the Ordered List and Unordered List buttons in the editor toolbar.

editor list buttons

A list can be created using the default list type, or by choosing a type from the list dropdown.

editor list styles

Each of the list types corresponds to a CSS list style type

Creating a List

Type in or select the text to be the first list item. Click the required list button (Ordered or Unordered) or select the list type from the drop-down.

Create a List

To create the next list item, press the Enter key.

Create a list item

Pressing the Enter key when a list item is empty will move the cursor outside of the list.

Exit List

Deleting and removing list items

To remove a list item, press the Backspace key until the item is removed

Delete a list item

Pressing the list button when in a list item will remove the item from the list.

Remove a list item

Converting Lists

A list can be converted from Ordered to Unordered (and vice versa) or from one type to another, by clicking the required list button or selecting the required list type.

Change a list