About the Editor

JCE is an extension for Joomla!, that provides you with a set of wysiwyg editor tools that makes the job of writing articles for your Joomla! site a little bit easier. In a nutshell, it provides access to many of the features you may be used to using in Word or OpenOffice etc. but for your website content HTML, ie: you can make some text bold, without having to know how to write <strong>make some text bold</strong>.

JCE Editor

The JCE Editor Toolbar provides over 50 different commands and plugins, each represented by a button or drop-down list with which you can style and enhance your content.

With JCE you can:

  • Style text using familiar buttons and commands, like, bold, italic, underline etc.
  • Insert and edit tables
  • Copy text from Word or other text documents
  • Insert images using an easy to use file browser popup interface
  • Create links, including links to Joomla! content items using a dynamic selection routine.
  • Run a spell check on your finished article.
  • Insert media files, file links and create image captions  - a subscription is required to access additional features