Most of the Editor's functions are accessed from the toolbar, which contains rows of buttons and lists that execute various commands on article content, like Bold edit-bold or Underline edit-underline  or open a dialog for actions like inserting images image or creating tables table-new

editor toolbar

The layout of the buttons in the toolbar and which buttons are available for the user can be set in the Features section of the Profiles editor.

Buttons in the toolbar have 3 states - Enabled, Disabled and Active.

Most buttons are Enabled by default appearing fully opaque. An enabled button can be clicked to execute its command or open the associated dialog.

A Disabled button will not respond if clicked and appears as a transparent version of the button. A button is disabled when the current action or cursor position is not relevant for that button, for example the Delete Table button editor button enabled will be disabled editor button disabled when no table is selected or the cursor is not within a table, and enabled when the cursor is within a table.

An Active button indicates that the current selection in the editor content can be edited by the buttons function. For example when an existing link is selected the Link button editor link becomes active editor button active When the button is clicked and the Link dialog is opened, the properties of the selected link are shown in the relevant dialog fields such as URL or Title.