To insert a File:

A file link can be inserted onto an existing selection or inserted at any point in the editor.

If the selection is an element, such as an image, additional File Manager options will not be available for the link. If the selection is text, the Text field will be filled with the selection.

  1. Select the file in the File Browser window of the File Manager dialog by clicking on its name.

  2. The URL, Text, Date and Size fields will be filled with the relevant properties of the file. If the link is being applied to a text selection, the option of overwriting this text with the file name will be given.

    If the file type is supported by the Google™ Docs Viewer - docx,xlsx,pptx,pdf,pages,ai,psd,tiff,dxf,svg,ps,ttf,xps,rar - The Google™ Docs Viewer options will be enabled.

    Use of the Google™ Docs Viewer is subject to the Google Docs Viewer Terms of Service

  3. Select the options for the link by checking the Icon, Size and Date boxes and re-order their positions in the link by dragging their boxes from left-to-right / right-to-left.
    filemanager insert layout
  4. If the file is to be inserted as Google™ Docs Viewer link, select the viewer option (Link or Embed). If the Embed option is selected set the dimensions of the iframe that will be used to display the article in. Using the Embed option will disable the Layout and Text options.
    filemanager googledocs
  5. Select the Target (where the link will open when clicked) if required.
    filemanager target
  6. Click Insert.

To Edit / Update a File:

  1. Select the File link by clicking on it in the Editor. The whole link will automatically be selected. Click the File Manager icon.
  2. Editing a file link may involve any of the following:
    1. Add or remove Layout Options by checking / unchecking their checkboxes or re-order their positions.
    2. Edit the Size or Date values by entering new values in the respective fields or restore the original values by clicking the corresponding reload icons refresh

    3. Change the Target value

    4. Change the Google Docs Viewer option, or change the link to a Google Docs Viewer.
  3. Click Update

Creating a Popup Link

Requires File Manager 2.1 or later

If JCE MediaBox, or another supported popup extension is installed, a "lightbox" popup link can be created for the selected file. Popups cannot be created for Google™ Docs Embedded Viewer files.

  1. Follow the instructions above for inserting a file. 

  2. Click the Popups tab and select the Popup Type.
    filemanager popup
  3. If you are using JCE MediaBox, select the Media Type. If the media type of the file is not listed, select "External Links".
    filemanager popup mediatype
  4. Set any other popup options as required such as the Dimensions (width x height).

  5. Click Insert.