Advanced Options

The Advanced tab contains fields to set additional attributes for an image.

Advanced tab


Represents the style attribute. Will be populated with styles set in the Image tab (margin, float etc). Additional styles can be added using the style element syntax, eg: text-align:right;vertical-align:middle;


A list of classes from your Joomla! template that can be applied to the image. Classes can be selected by clicking the drop-down icon, or typed into the field seperated by a space.


Represents the title attribute. Used as a description of the image.


Set the id attribute of the image.

Language Direction

Text direction of the element.

Language Code 

Language code of the element eg: en-GB

Image Map

Id of the associated image map.

Long Description

URL to a html or text document containing a detailed description of the image. To select and existing html file, or upload one to use, click on the File Browser icon on the right of the field.