The Image Manager Extended interface, like all standard 'Manager' plugins (Image Manager, File Manager, Media Manager etc.), consists of 2 sections, the Attributes section, and the File Browser section.


This section is divided into 4 parts, each accessible by clicking on the named tab. The default tab display is of the Image section, which contains the fields that represent the main image attributes of the currently selected article image, or the image to be inserted into the article.


Set the most common attributes for the image including URL, Description and Dimensions. See Inserting an image


Create rollover images. See Creating a Rollover image


Create "lightbox" style image popups. See Creating Popup Images


Set advanced attributes for the image. See Advanced Options

File Browser 

The Image Manager Extended Browser has the same basic features as the other 'Manager' plugins, but includes a few extra functions.

ime interface browser

The Switch View Mode button ime view mode switches between a list view (above) and a thumbnail view (below)

ime thubmnail view

The Create Thumbnail button ime create thumb button opens the Thumbnail Editor for creating thumbnails of images.

The Edit Image button ime image editor button opens the Image Editorfor resizing, cropping, rotating and applying effects to images.