Advanced Options

Various standard attributes can be set in the Advanced tab.

Advanced options


A list of inline css properties to be applied to the media item, eg: border: 1px solid red;


Select and apply css classes from your template stylesheet. Additional class names, seperated by a space, can be typed into the field.


A descriptive title for the media item. This will show as a tooltip when the mouse cursor is placed over the media.


Set a unique id attribute value for the media item.


Create a border style on the media item with options for width, style and colour.

Controller Height

Height of the media player controller bar (if any). This will be applied to the total object height

Text or HTML

Optional text or HTML to include inside the media tag, eg:

<video src="/movie.mp4" width="400" height="300" controls="controls">
	<p>Your browser does not support this video type</p>