Creating Popups

Creating lightbox popups for audio and video can be done using the Popups tab.

A compatible lightbox extension, such as JCE MediaBox, must be installed and enabled to use this feature.

To create popup

  1. Before opening the Media Manager, select an image or text to attach the popup to.
  2. Click on the Media Manager button mediamanager button to open the Media Manager.
  3. Select the audio or video file to insert, or paste in a URL. See Inserting Media.
  4. Click on the Popups tab, to view the Popups options.
  5. Select a Popup Type, eg: JCE MediaBox Popups, to enable the popup and view the popup options.
  6. Set the popup options as required, such as the Title and Dimensions.
  7. Click the Insert button.

The selected image or text will now have the popup link applied to it.

Insert popup