JCE 2.0 introduces a number of new widgets to make it easier to set certain parameters. These include Editable Select Lists, a Colour Picker and a File Extension Editor.

Editable Select Lists

editable selects

The Editable Select List (sometimes referred to as a ComboBox) allows you to select a value from a list of options and add or edit the value.

To select a predefined option, click the arrow on the right of the field as with a normal select list and select the desired value.

To add a new value or edit a selected value, click the edit icon next to the select list. The select list will be replaced by an input field for you to type in the new value.

Colour Picker

The Colour Picker widget provides an easy way to pick the colour required for the parameter. The currnet colour is displayed in hex format, eg: #CC0000 and in the colour picker icon color

Clicking the colour picker icon will open the Colour Picker dialog where an infinite number of colours can be selected. The outer circle determines the hue and the inner square the lightness of the colour.


Additional tabs provide a list of common Web Colours, Named Colours, and the colours from your Template and any custom colours specified in the Profiles Editor Parameters (requires the Profile to be saved)

Once the desired colour is found, clicking Apply close the colour picker and sets the colour parameter.

File Extension Editor

The file extensions widget allows you to add new file types eg: xml or jpg, new file groups, eg: Images or Word, remove file types and file groups and move file types between groups by drag & drop.

A file group can be disabled or enabled by unchecking or checking the checkbox adjacent to the group name plugin_params_extensions_disable_group

A file type can be disabled or enabled by unchecking or checking the checkbox adjacent to the file type name plugin_params_extensions_disable

A new file type can be created by clicking the plus icon plus and remove by clicking the minus icon Enter the file extension (without the leading . ) in the field provided.· plugin_params_new_type

File type groups are used for file type filtering when selecting files to upload and for some plugins such as the Media Manager, determine what mediaplayer the file type is associated with. New groups can be created by clicking the green plus icon add and removed by clicking the red minus icon delete