Editing Table Rows

To edit a table row, click in the table row and click the Table Row Properties button Table row button in the editor toolbar or in the right-click Context Menu in the editor.

The Table Row Properties dialog consists of two tabbed areas - General and Advanced.

General Properties

Table row dialog

Row type

Set the part of the table this row represents - Table Header, Table Body or Table Footer


Set the row alignment


Set the row height in pixels, eg: 100 or percent eg: 50%

Advanced Properties

Table row dialog advanced tab


Select css classes from your template stylesheet to apply to the row. Additional class names, seperated by a space, can be typed into the field.


Set a unique id attribute value for the row.


Set a summary of therow content.


A list of inline css properties to be applied to the row, eg: border: 1px solid red;

Language code

Set the language code for the row eg: en

Background image

Select a background-image for the row. You can browse for an image using the File Browser dialog accessed by clicking the File Browser button 

Language direction

Select the language direction for the row


Set the row border styles by checking the checkbox and selecting a Width, Style and Colour.

Background color

Set the row background colour in hex format eg: #cccccc, or select a colur using the Colour Picker.

Any changes made to the row can be applied to the selected row, all rows in the table, or all odd or even rows. Select the desired option from the list in the bottom-let of the dialog.

Inserting a New Row

Rows can be inserted before or after the currently selected row. To select a row, click anywhere within the row.

To insert a row before the selected row click the Insert Row Before button Insert row before button in the editor toolbar or right-click Context Menu.

Insert row before

To insert a row after the selected row click the Insert Row After button Insert row after button in the editor toolbar or right-click Context Menu.

Insert row after

Deleting a Row

Select a row by clicking anywhere within the row. Click the Delete Table Row button Delete row button in the editor toolbar or right-click Context Menu