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  • JCE File Browser not loading for Intro Image, Full Text Image etc.

This could happen for 3 reasons:

  1. You do not have JCE 2.5.5 or later installed. Upgrade to the latest version of the editor.
  2. The System - JCE plugin is disabled in the Joomla Extension Manager. Enable the System - JCE plugin.

    Enable System - JCE
  3. The option to use the JCE File Browser instead of the Joomla Media Manager is disabled in the JCE Component Parameters.

  4. The current user is not authorized to use the JCE File Browser.
    1. In Editor Profiles, click on the relevant profile to edit, eg: "Default"

    2. Click on the Features & Layout tab.
    3. Check the File Browser option in Additional Features

      File Browser allowed in Profile