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  Tuesday, 28 September 2021
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I've been using JCE for many years and since about a year I've started RSPagebuilder. I really like RSPagebuilder but it lacks the JCE editor for text and the JCE Media browser for image blocks. I usually end up uploading images in one tab in the JCE media browser and then selecting them in the RSpagebuilder in another tab.

Do you know of any way to get JCE working with RSPagebuilder?

I've also asked RSjoomla support:

"JCE hasn't been developed by us and we can't provide insight on its functionality. If this works using a standard Joomla! editor, then you'll need to contact JCE developers directly on this matter to investigate this for you (in the meanwhile you can try checking your JCE options/permissions)."

more than a month ago
RSPageBuilder does not appear to use the Joomla API for loading an editor, but rather it's own internal methods. It does not appear to support JCE or any other editor except the core Tinymce, Codemirror and "None".

I can't add support for JCE to a 3rd party extension where custom methods are used, this has to be done by the extension developers themselves.

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