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  Monday, 04 October 2021
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Hello JCE is really powerfull editor for joomla, but there are times when you need some easy solutions, like you have here when I ask question.
This editor is great. How can I get this kind of view on JCE, mainly my problem is Link, Image and Video buttons which open big popup windows with many options. I disabled many options in JCE settings but some options still show up.

I want it to look like this

because I do not want to give users many options and show folders. I just want to show input field for url, image or video( only youtube ), not allow upload or other options even resize.
more than a month ago
Add the standard Image Manager button (not the Image Manager Extended) to the editor toolbar and then in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Image Manager, set Use Basic Dialog to Yes.

A similar option is available for the Media Manager in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Media Manager

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more than a month ago
Thank you very much. This is what I needed. I was just checking options to disable and did not noticed that to enable one option will be solved all my problems. You are the best.
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