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  Wednesday, 24 November 2021
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I have been working on a Joomlart template for Joomla 4, and I couldn't make some of their modules work when it came to selecting images for them. I would click on Select for an image, and no images would come up in the list of available images... and I mentioned to Joomlart that I had no problem in the JCE Editor selecting images for articles. Their response was "The issue is from JCE editor media not showing the images. If i unpublish JCE editor it worked normal. Could u raise a support request on JCE forum for disable the Media box so u can use the Joomla media."

Why should I have to choose which extension uses which media box? Isn't there a way to make this work for everyone? Is there a setting where I can do this? At least for now I have a workaround, but it's not a pretty one. I have to go to my ftp site, select the image I want to use in a Joomlart module, type in the path and name, and then it works fine. I do NOT want to give up the JCE Editor media manager.

Thanks for any advice you can give me.

more than a month ago
It worked! I've passed this information on to Joomlart so they can let others know it is no longer an issue.

more than a month ago

Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean everybody isn't out to get you.

patvb changed the title from Conflict with JCE Media Manager and Joomlart Media Manager to Conflict with JCE Media Manager and Joomla Media Manager — 1 month ago
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