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  Thursday, 21 July 2022
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When a tag is clicked in an article its content is shown in the Home page (I.e. the contetn replaces the Home article but the associated modules (left and right) are shown as well. I would like the content to overwrite the current page but I can't seem to do that even using 'Target' its still shown on the Home page. So am I missing something? Can the modules be switched off?
3 weeks ago
This is a Joomla content issue not a JCE one, but generally the modules are displayed based on the menu association for the current content item or category. If you look at the settings for each module, in the Menu Assignment tab, you will see that they can be assigned to a specific menu item (and it's children). It can get quite complicated, but you will need to experiment with assigned modules to menu items to get the result you want.

I'm not an expert on this, and you may find a better answer in the Joomla forum -

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3 weeks ago
Thanks Ryan :D
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