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  Tuesday, 23 August 2022
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am I missing anything or is it really not possible to simply "download" a file with the JCE File Browser in the Joomla Backend.
To be more precise: I can create, delete folders, upload, move, delete files, but as soon as I uploaded something like a PDF, theres no way to download it back from the server.
We want to create a kind of simple file sharing area for our admins. So they can upload something (which is easy) in the backend and another admin can download this file again in his computer to look at it. At the moment the maximun I can do is to preview (eye icon) the file, but theres no download option, not to speak of a pach-in-a-zip solution for multiple files. (You find the same issue in the normal Joomla backend media manager)

Best Regards
3 weeks ago
In the meantime I found the same request multiple times in this forum, starting in 2016 :-(. So it seems to be very hard to implement. Why isn´t it possible, to just add an link to the file name, listed in the file browser?

Best regards
3 weeks ago
I have managed to implement a simplified version of this for the next update, included as an option for the File Browser.

Download and install JCE Pro 2.9.30 Beta -

In Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> File Browser, set Allow File Download to Yes and Save.

In the File Browser list, ALT + Click on any file name to download the file.

Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean everybody isn't out to get you.

2 weeks ago
Hi Ryan,

thank you very much. That helps us a lot. Woulf be nice, if there would be a kind of icon for that function, but anyway it works ;-)

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