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  Tuesday, 24 January 2023
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Hi Ryan,

This is a feature request :)

I currently need to set default folder for custom field.
For example, I need to create 3 Media JCE Fields that will contains :
- Audio (mp3)
- File (pdf)
- Video (mp4)

And for better organization, I would like to set the default upload folder for :
- field "Audio" to "images/audio"
- field "File" to "images/pdf"
- field "Video" to "images/video"

This default upload folder should be used when display the Media in popup (click "Select") or by direct upload.

I think this kind of configuration would help to a better file management :)

Thank you.

1 day ago
Please try JCE Pro 2.9.34 Beta -

For each JCE Media Field, you can now set a Media Folder value which is relative to the File Directory Path set in the Editor Profile. So for example, if the File Directory Path is images (the default), and the Media Folder values is pdf, then the JCE Media Field will use images/pdf as the base folder.

If the File Directory Path value in the editor profile is blank, then you will need to put the full path value in for the Media Folder, eg: images/pdf

The Media Folder value can also accept variables like the File Directory Path.

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