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  Tuesday, 05 September 2023
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I'm trying to force a resize of images that are to large. I created a custom profile for frontend editing and set the right accordingly. The media manager icon is disabled in the editor. So only JCE custom field or intro images file upload can be used. In the Editor Parameters under Filesystem I configured the options as followed:


Either if the resize options are hidden or shown and the option is checked, the resize doesn't work.



What is the best wat to force a resize of images that are too large?
3 weeks ago
Is your server running PHP Imagick? You can check this in System -> System Information -> PHP Information.

Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean everybody isn't out to get you.

3 weeks ago
imagick is not available on my server as I'm on PHP 8.2 on Windows. Looks like imagick is not available yet. for PHP 8.1 is the latest. Do I need imagick for this to work?
3 weeks ago
I installed imagick and added php 8.1 still the resize is not executed.
3 weeks ago
For some strange reason it works on my live server but not on my local machine. So fixed for now I guess...
3 weeks ago
The reason it wasn't working without IMagick is because of the size of the file you are uploading. PHP GD2 (which is probably what your server had available for image processing) uses a lot of memory for processing, so a pre-resize calculation is done to see if there is sufficient memory available, and if not, then resizing is skipped.

Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean everybody isn't out to get you.

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